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In the spotlight: Forgotten Brand 'Pegaso'

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Known as a lorry manufacturer (‘El camion Espanol’), but also the only post-war Spanish sports car manufacturer. The engineer Wilfredo Ricart accepted the proposal of the Spanish Government to lead the company -ENESA - who would built the Spanish lorry. Ricart previously worked for Alfa Romeo and was returning to Spain after the war. He specialised in diesel engines but had also gained extensive experience with racing engines. In 1950 he developed a sports car that was presented at the Paris Motor Show the following year. The Pegaso caused a sensation because it looked like a two-seat coupé but had the technology of a race car. Its V8 with four overhead camshafts and gear-driven distribution, type designation Z-102B, was very special. It was coupled to a transaxle with a five-speed gearbox for optimal weight distribution. The cars were built with the greatest care, but construction never became profitable. Ultimately not even a hundred units were delivered. The bodywork was also very exceptional, with each one a travelling work of art. They were almost all built by Saoutchik in France or Touring Superleggera in Italy.   

We are already busy tracking down the rare specimens of this legendary sports car that have survived the passing of time, because in November we want to establish the world record for the largest-ever collection of Pegasos at Autoworld. 

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