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It is with a splendid event, paying tribute to the Italian make boasting the cloverleaf, that will kick-off the celebrations on Sunday 3rd July.   

The Club Quadrifoglio Belgio will bring together 75 Alfa Romeo from pre-1992 on the Grand-Place of Brussels between 8.00hrs and 9.30hrs! These 75 cars will then head for the Palais Royal where, at 10.00hrs, the start will be given for a run around the city which will finish on the Esplanade du Cinquantenaire in front of the Autoworld museum and take in a Concours of Elegance.
In addition to the 75 cars participating in the rally, all Alfa Romeo owners can also register to exhibit their gorgeous Italian machines in front of Autoworld.

At least 150 Alfa Romeo are expected to be present on that Sunday!
Registration is mandatory, whether it is for the rally or 'concours d'élégance'.

Worth noting that this is the first time, in Brussels, that the CO² emissions will be fully offset by the planting of 75 oak trees in Belgiumand this via the GoForest organisation.
Autoworld will be partaking in this initiative by planting the same number of trees.

Information and registration: