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On 11th May 2022 the president’s torch at Autoworld was handed over to Mr. Guy Verhofstadt. 

Just like you, we are curious about his ambitions.
So it's high time to fire some of our questions at him!

Why did you accept the presidency of Autoworld?
“Very simple: for many years I have been obsessed with oldtimers — racing, tinkering, collecting, you name it — and I wish to share and pass on this passion. That is what Autoworld stands for, moreover it is in a beautiful location in a part of Brussels that is becoming ever more attractive, hence I did not need to think about it twice.”

As the Chairman what aspects would you like to focus on?
 “A concept such as Autoworld will always be there, because the product speaks for itself. But one needs to reinvent it regularly so that it attracts new groups and generations. It is also a pole of attraction for connoisseurs and enthusiasts, but with the necessary modernisation we can certainly further swell these groups.  And we also need to continue investing in education. It does remain a bit of a boyhood dream.”

We know from good sources that you are an Alfa fan. Which is your favourite Alfa and why? 
“My first love is Elva, but I am indeed looking forward to the Alfa Romeo exhibition. 
I have driven many Alfas, the Alfa 75 especially, but when it comes to my favourite model I would need to think about that. Perhaps the Giulietta 1600 dating from ’64? Or better still: make it the Giulia TZ2!”