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In the spotlight: Lotus 7 & the independants

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The Lotus Seven, a design of Colin Chapman, was build by Lotus Cars in England between 1957 and 1972. It was a simple, open car with two seats, a mimum weight and a powerfull engine. Although the car was roadlegal, it could be modified to a great trackcar. Over 2500 cars were produced. 

The engine was a Ford four-barrel (1172 cc) with 40 bhp. Buyers could also choose for an optional Cosworht- or BMW- engine. To avoid the English tax system, the car could also be bought as an assemblykit. 

The first Lotus Seven Cup was driven in the sixties in France. Henri Pescarolo, the late F1-pilot en 4 times winner in LeMans was the first laureate. In 1973 Lotus sold the concept (based on the 7-series 4) and the production to last surviving Lotus-concern Caterham Cars, which still produces cars. The Lotus Club will bring an overview from the Lotus 7 SIII and SIV to the Caterham models. We have planned a Donkervoort and probably a Westfield aswell. 


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