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In the spotlight: Citroën 2 Chevaux - 2PK 70th Anniversary

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The 2CV officially celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Unofficially, it’s more like 80 because the first prototypes of a car – the TPV (Très Petite Voiture, literally ‘very small car’) – which, according to the specifications, had to be able to transport a basket of eggs across a field… without breaking one, were driving around just before the war. The roof also had to be high enough so that the farmer could drive to church in his Sunday hat and it had to have room for four people and 50 kg of luggage. In addition, it had to be as simple as possible and production could not cost more than one-third of the production costs of the Traction Avant (front-wheel drive) that had come onto the market a few years earlier (1934).

In 1948, Citroen amazed the world with a small, lightweight car with an air-cooled two-cylinder engine, electric starter, four independent wheels, roll-back canvas roof and four real places with seats that could easily be removed to create a large loading floor. It proved a huge success: the ‘ugly duckling’ was not taken out of production until 1990.

1. In the spotlight: 'Citroën 2 chevaux - 2pk'from 31 March to 29 April
From 31 March to 15 April, Autoworld is presenting an overview of the history and many guises of the 2CV. Vans, 4x4s, derived models, special series, etc., as well as a number of surprising kit cars based on these simple mechanics. There will also be a few special models from the 'Conservatoire' – the official Citroen collection – to admire, including one of the pre-war prototypes. Some of the most iconic models will remain on show until 29 April.

2. 2CV Parade
Three years ago, the parade for the 60-year-old DS on the Esplanade in front of the museum proved to be an unexpected and unparalleled success. So this seemed to be a perfect recipe to start the festivities for this 70th anniversary of the 2CV. The 2CV clubs will meet on Easter Monday, 2 April, from 11.30 am. Participants must register in advance by one of the two clubs so that the event can be properly organised. A number of fun surprises await participants and that day, they can also visit the Autoworld museum and the 2CV exhibition free of charge.


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