The 'Media Room', the new permanent zone in Autoworld15/09/2016


To mark this anniversary Autoworld has just created a new zone on the museum’s first floor: the “Media Room”, which is now open for public.

In a decidedly contemporary environment, even futuristic, contrasting with the 135 year-old historic building, this “Media Room” is comprised out of three distinct areas fitted with screens where the seated visitors will have the opportunity to view specially created informative and interactive films played in a loop. The following themes are tackled:

  • The little known history of the building where Autoworld established itself and which was where the first Car and Cycle Shows (who still remembers?) were organised; as also the overall history of the Cinquantenaire site;
  • The history of the Autoworld museum since its creation in 1986;
  • The evolution of the motorcar over the course of the last 30 years

In the main space, fitted out with some thirty seats, the films will be viewed on a large screen in four languages (French, Dutch, English and German).

Depending upon the museum’s activities and temporary exhibitions, themed videos might also be added to the current films. A selection of historical documents, photographs, posters and miscellaneous objects recalling the museum’s history will also be exhibited, supplemented with a selection of noteworthy motorcars of the last three decades.


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