In the Spotlight: 'The Belgians at Le Mans'


Since 1923, a great shared history has developed between the Belgians and the greatest race in the world. 101 drivers and 296 participations have resulted in 12 overall victories, 24 podium finishes, 48 class victories and one Ladies’ cup. A rich harvest, to be sure! Swaters, Beurlys, Bianchi, Frère, Gendebien, Mairesse, Rousselle and Dubois spearheaded the first ‘yellow armada’. The second wave did just as well, with drivers like Ickx, Boutsen, Dieudonné, van de Poele, Duez, De Drijver, Witmeur, Libert, “Christine”, Regout and many others.
With the support of the Belgian section of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, Autoworld will showcase “The Belgians at Le Mans” in order to honour them by putting on public display some of the cars that helped them accomplish their feats.
We can already announce the following cars: a Peugeot 905, an Argo-Porsche, a Porsche 934 and a Shelby 350GT. Several iconic cars that participated at Le Mans, like the Mazda 787 B, Le Mans 1991 (only victorious Japanese car at Le Mans), which are usually exhibited at the Le Mans Track Museum, will complete this wonderful scene.


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