Porsche 70 Years


Five years ago, Autoworld presented the story of Professor Ferdinand Porsche and his successors, from the first electric car to present-day models. This time, the spotlight is on the story of the brand – the brand created by Ferry Porsche, Professor Porsche’s second son. That story started when, after the Liberation, Ferry began to make exceptional sports cars building on the technical achievements of Volkswagen.

‘I looked around and couldn’t find the car I was dreaming of anywhere.So I built it!’

In 1947, at a former sawmill in Gmünd, Austria, he began work on a revolutionary sports car with a rear-centre engine: the 356/001. This was immediately followed by the rear-engined 356, a direct descendant of pre-war projects such as the Berlin-Rome. The 356 was the first to bear the Porsche brand name, and was authorised for road use in 1948.The 356’s successor, the 911, was to become a legendary car whose success remains undiminished. Ferry’s son, Butzi Porsche, was the man behind that indisputable masterpiece, the 904 or Porsche Carrera GTS, in 1963, as well as the Targa.In the years 1983 to 1986, Porsche reached the peak of its fame, with the simultaneous successes of the 962s, the Formula 1 TAG Porsches and the 959s, in particular in the Paris-Dakar rally. Today, Porsche is a brand which is more alive than ever, drawing on a solid history and continuing to inspire young and old and male and female alike...


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