New audioguides offered to all visitors

With every intention of presenting you with an ever more intense and interesting experience during your visit, we offer you a brand-new audio-guide. Whether you are a car enthusiast or simply keen on history and anecdotes, there is something to everyone’s taste. This exceptionally complete audio-guide allows you to connect to the desired information: from the building’s history through to the technical characteristics of various cars. Each zone contains general information and highlights the more exceptional vehicles.  360° photographs, taken from the interior of 17 cars, can be viewed on the screen. 
Between now and a few weeks the content will be enhanced with interviews, additional pictures and videos not forgetting a Spanish version as also a “special Kids’ tour in French, Dutch and English.
The audio guide is a small, sturdy specially designed Android device with a 5" screen, on which the photographs splendidly come into their own. Visitors can use their own earpiece. 

The hardware originates from Imagineear, with whom Autoworld worked closely regarding the creation of the content. The witty script is written by Bart Lenaerts from Waft and in the Dutch version the narrators are Guy De Pré and Britt Van Marsenille; in the French visitors will undoubtedly recognise the voices of Charlotte Baut and Dominique Dricot.

The use of the Audio guide is included in the admission fee.


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