Citroën 100 Years: from 27 June until 03 September 2019


Second centenarian that Autoworld is celebrating this year: Citroën!  The make bearing the chevron logo, designer of the legendary “Traction” and the unmissable “2 CV”. During this large summer exhibition, organized in collaboration with Citroën and Citroën Club Belgium, more than 50 historic cars will be exhibited.A large historical fresco will be on hand from private collections and the Conservatoire Citroën de Paris,  taking in the most emblematic cars as also several spectacular vehicles. 

Of course we also pay attention to the children with fun animations. 

André Citroën, son of a Dutch father and a Polish mother, started out as a manager at the Mors car manufacturer in 1908. At the beginning of the First World War he quickly observes that the French army has a great shortage of munitions. He prepares a business plan for the mass production of shells, which turns into an unprecedented success.  The visionary André Citroën quickly realises that the Great War would not last long. He prepares his future: the production of cars in series for the masses.

The first Citroën Type A, a 4-seater version with a canvas top, can be
considered to be the French version of the Ford T.
The model was only available in army grey – It would appear that André Citroën was able to purchase a large quantity of paint emanating from the army.

Citroën rapidly becomes the top car manufacturer of France and even Europe. An amazing
communicator, André Citroën promoted his make with boldness and ingenuity.
Showing no interest for company policy, the business soon experiences financial difficulties, which brings the expensive development of the “Traction” into jeopardy. On the verge of insolvency in 1934 André allows Michelin to take over control of his company and he dies in 1935. He would therefore never see the success of the “Tractions” in its 7-11-15 versions.

After the war the incredible 2CV, the Type H van and the fascinating ID/DS ensure that Citroën would belong to the legendary makes out of automotive history.


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