Who's Who?


They welcome you, keep you informed, help you and take great care to ensure that your visit to Autoworld runs as smoothly as possible. Who are these members of staff whose faces you often only know? 

To start this new news column, let us first meet the one who, from Monday to Friday, welcomes you at the Museum’s entrance: Khalid.

Khalid, in his thirties, has worked at Autoworld for more than eight years. Whether you speak French, Dutch, English, or even Spanish, he always welcomes you with his charming big smile. Always calm even during busy periods, Khalid has developed a sort of sixth sense.
“When I see the people arriving, I almost always know their origin, and whether they are tourists or Belgians, whether they have a subscription to the Museum or a Brussels Card. I can even guess the payment method they will use. For example, the French only pay with their “Carte Bleue” and almost all the Dutch say “pinnen graag”… »

“At Autoworld", Khalid continues, “we are always surrounded by people who are in a good mood. Rarely does one visit a museum when one is in a bad mood, right?......And I like that! ”

Gifted with a natural feeling for interpersonal relationships, Khalid has loads of anecdotes up his sleeve. Such as the one of this elderly man who asked for the student’s rate by showing a library card dating from … 1989! Or the one where one day he offered a child’s rate to…. … a very small adult.  

Khalid, he’s the smile at the welcome desk. So, next time you decide to visit the Museum during weekdays, greet him by his first name. It will certainly please him :-)


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