Welcome back!

After more than two months of confinement, life is reasserting itself … under certain conditions.The Autoworld museum, as with most of the other museums in our country, is allowed to open its doors again as from 18th May.With our 16.000m2  we have all the possibilities to organise a save and well organized tour.  We have missed you and we look forward to see you again!We trust that you and yours remain in good health and that during this rather distinctive period you were able to undertake something you never had the opportunity to do before. In any case that is something we at Autoworld managed to achieve.

We kindly invite you to come (re)discover a spruced-up museum. The entire first floor has been renovated: the ’60 - ‘80 zone has been revamped with a part of the “So British!” exhibition decor; the “Sport & Competition” zone has been completely redecorated; a fresh wind has blown through the entire museum.Obviously, similar to everyone, we have had to alter our habits, our way of living and working. It goes without saying that the exhibition planning was also thrown into disorder.

Consequently, as from 1st July, we will celebrate the 70 years of one of the most mythical cars: the Porsche 356. The fifteen or so cars will remain on display up until the beginning of September.And as it is unlikely that we will be able to travel abroad, we have contrived loads of activities to entice and allow you to spend an enjoyable summer in Belgium. There will be something to everyone’s taste and age.  Each activity is clearly detailed in this newsletter.

To kick off and spoil you in a rather different way than usual, we have invited a dozen or so present day supercars for you. 

Hoping to welcome you soon to the museum!


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