We 'll take care of you!

For this very gentle reopening, Autoworld is taking all the necessary steps to ensure that your visit takes place in full safety.
It is preferable to buy your tickets in advance online or at the terminal located at the entrance to the museum. 
It is strongly recommended to wear a mask. Kindly ensure that you have one to hand. Those who might not possess a mask can purchase one in our shop or at the shop.
Disinfectant gel will be provided at the entrance and in throughout various areas of the museum.
The 1m50 social distancing must be respected at all times.
We have marked out a route on the ground with arrows so as to prevent you from crossing other visitors. In different areas of the museum panels will remind visitors of the useful gestures to avoid contamination.
Our audio-guides remain at your disposal and will be disinfected after each use. Should you so wish you can also use your own headphones.
We are convinced that you will not find these measures to be too restrictive in view of the pleasure of (re)visiting Autoworld.


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