They welcome you, keep you informed, guide you and take the utmost care to ensure that your visit to Autoworld runs as smoothly as possible. Who are these people you only know by sight…and yet?This time around let us go behind the scenes with Jérémy.

Jérémy; he is the essential man we never see. It is he who takes care of the museum’s logistics as also the building and ensures that everything runs smoothly.  A lick of paint here, a repair over there … “Help”.. and Jérémy sorts out the problem. In February 2021, it will be 20 years since he arrived at Autoworld. Little by little, he created his own job.  

I didn’t much care for the cars at first, but by dint of being around them I began to appreciate themmore and more. My favourites are from the ‘30s, such as that splendid Packard on the first floor. I was saddened when the small blue Plymouth dating from the ‘30s had to leave the museum. On the other hand, I was recently ‘smitten’ by a more ‘recent’ car on the two occasions it was exhibited at the museum, the F40. When I was young it was THE car, and we all talked about. In this case I reckon she is the one who chose me,” he added with a smile. 

We also come across Jérémy when it comes to setting up the exhibitions, because he takes care of moving the vehicles.  “What I especially love is slotting the cars into place during the exhibitions”, Jérémy commented. His favourite exhibition?” Italian Car Passion’ five years ago. “It was definitely the most awesome! On the other hand, the one I found the most fun-filled was the exhibition with the Ford Mustang models. Practically all the cars were on loan from private collectors. Simple people who never got worked up about anything. They were like a bunch of friends and when they came to collect their cars…they jumped in, fired up the engine …and they were gone as if they had been to a pleasant BBQ.” 

Jérémy also has an artistic eye.  He is often relied upon to take imaginative photographs of the cars. He quite simply enjoys the design.  This is in fact the zone he refreshed in the first instance with his team during lockdown in March/April. “I would like to further improve this area with a true design décor”, he explained. “Speaking of which my dream would be to organise an exhibition solely focused on design cars with exceptional lines. I’m thinking of the Delage “Teardrop”, the very first Porsche or the DS, among others, but there are many more. Automotive design throughout time has left a lasting impression. » 

His greatest pride? The “Salon 1910 “zone. “I have wanted to propose the creation of an area that tells the story of the first Auto Shows in our building at the beginning of the last century for so long. I proposed the project to the management who approved it and validated the budget.Together with my team, we conceived everything, constructed everything, and set everything up together with a team of carpenters. I’m really proud of it. It’s a zone which, I hope, will remain for a long time, even long after I have gone.


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