Volkswagen Milestones in the spotlight until 28 march 2021


Traditionally the Autoworld museum devotes its February and March exhibition to a facet of the Volkswagen Beetle, with the Love Bugs Parade linked to celebrating Saint Valentine.
However, the latter will not take place in 2021 for reasons that everyone can image, but the exhibition organised in collaboration with Volkswagen will take on a rather distinctive and highly original aspect.

“Volkswagen Milestones” will focus on three periods in the life of “Everyman’s car” and as leitmotiv concentrating on three key models in the history of the make: the Beetle from the ‘50s – ‘60s, the Golf from the mid-‘70s through to the beginning of the ‘80s and, finally the brand new ID.3, the recently launched electric car.

Each one of these icons reflects a quite specific era and marks, each time, a radical turn-about with the previous one, both in our lifestyle and the evolution of the automotive models. 
Because this car, which we cannot do without and which at times is criticised, only mirrors the history of our society. The arrival of a new generation of vehicles chases away another … for a while. The new forms of consumption, the change in our habits, our awareness, whether it be political, economic or societal, make us look at the world in a different manner.

And this is what this exhibition wishes to demonstrate.  


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