Car in the box - part II: the spectacular Pogtador boxed at Autoworld


If you are a supercars fan, you will definitely know POG!  Youtuber, Instagrammer… POG is the “king” of the automotive influencers. Fan of sports and hypercars, which he decorates in a zany manner, he loves sharing his experiences with “his mates”; the more than one million followers who share his adventures via his different social networks.
Today POG is exhibiting his awesome Pogtador – a Lambo Aventador - at Autoworld, enclosed in a Bburago box.

Unlike the Beetle there is no chance of winning this life-size car, but its faithful 1/24th scale model is available in the museum’s boutique at a price of 45 €. This is POG’s first car to be miniaturised. A true “collector’s item”. We wager that others will follow …
Worth also noting that this scale model is sold in a box that will not go unnoticed … in true POG style!


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