One of the first Tesla cars now at Autoworld

A piece of important automotive history has been added to the Autoworld museum in Brussels. One of Tesla's first cars, which put electric driving on the map, is now part of the museum's collection. This limited edition Roadster comes from Athlon Belgium, the first leasing company to pioneer electric mobility in 2011.

Limited edition

The Tesla Roadster was the first car to be produced by Tesla Motors. The electric car with its advanced battery technology and electric powertrain transformed the automotive industry and proved that it is possible to deliver sports car performance in a beautiful, zero-emission vehicle. Tesla began production of the Roadster in 2008, but it was not until 2010 that it was exported to Europe. One of the first 250 'Signature' versions from the special 2010 EU-limited edition is now on display at the Autoworld museum in Brussels. This Tesla Roadster was taken into use by Athlon Belgium in 2011. Athlon Belgium has now loaned the car to Autoworld. 

"This unique edition has covered a lot of environmentally friendly kilometres. It was an important milestone in our ambition to drive electric and a confirmation of our pioneering role. In the meantime, this role has further evolved and we, as a mobility provider, are further investing in the greening of our transport modes. Given the historical significance of this car and the fact that it is one of the very first Tesla cars, it deserves a place in a museum." 
Michiel Alferink, general manager of Athlon Belgium

"When Athlon suggested that we give the Roadster a place in our museum, we were immediately all ears. Not only is Tesla the front runner in electric mobility, but this car is also one of the very first Tesla cars ever made from the limited edition, specially produced for Europe." 
Leo Van Hoorick, curator of Autoworld

Athlon: pioneer in electric mobility
With this Tesla Roadster, Athlon Belgium was the first leasing company to invest in electric mobility in Belgium. This pioneering role stems from the sustainability ambition that is a common thread in its business operations. In the meantime, the company has evolved from a leasing company to a mobility provider. Athlon wants to further contribute to the greening and modal shift of mobility in Belgium, and thus to achieving the climate objectives, among other things by guiding its customers in the introduction of the mobility budget. 


Athlon – Getting you there.

Athlon is one of the leading providers of vehicle leasing and fleet management in Europe. In Belgium, Athlon manages more than 55 000 vehicles, in Luxemburg 2 300. We are one of the most important players on the Belgian and Luxemburg market. Athlon has developed innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient business mobility solutions for more than 100 years. The company enables people to move hassle-free through integrated and sustainable fleet & mobility solutions. Athlon constantly pushes boundaries to clear the way for the customers to enjoy mobile life.Athlon is part of Daimler AG and is operated by Daimler Mobility AG.

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