They welcome you, keep you informed, help you and take great care to ensure that your visit to Autoworld runs as smoothly as possible. Who are these members of staff whose faces you often only know?Today we go behind the scenes with Julie.
Those who have organised events or exhibitions at Autoworld in the past definitely know Julie. For near on four years now Julie has held the function of Marketing & Communication Director

“I came to Autoworld ten years ago, roughly ten months after Sébastien de Baere, who had just been appointed General Manager. I had already worked with him in an event’s agency some three years previously.”

As from the moment she arrived Julie’s job was to implement the event ‘business model’. Together with William, her colleague at that time, the numbers of their department quickly skyrocketed. “We were ultra-proud of the rapid growth of our department as also that of the museum!”These last 4 years Julie has more specifically focussed on the organisations particular to Autoworld, principally the temporary exhibitions, along with online communication.  “It’s amazing to see at what speed the world is going digital. It’s a major challenge not only to learn but to keep abreast of all these innovations. At first, we were happy to have a Facebook or Instagram account. Today the challenge is to feed these networks almost daily with interesting posts in order to maintain contact with our 75,000 fans!I take part in the preparation of our many temporary exhibitions and on each occasion I love to discover the history and the dynamics behind each make.  They are all so different from one another and at times quite surprising.  

The project I am most proud of is our shop. It didn’t happen overnight …  We firstly renovated the entire space which has almost become a museum in its own right.  At the end of 2019 Autoworld finally took over the full management of the shop.  We now offer our very own selection of products, better suited to our visitors!

I’m very fortunate to work in such an outstanding environment as that of the Parc du Cinquantenaire. Every morning, as I pass under the arches, I am happy to arrive in this beautiful place. In the summer, together with my colleagues, we regularly spread out a rug in the parc and enjoy our picknick. Over these last 10 years I have experienced some unforgettable moments, such as having been able to shake hands with King Albert during his visit to the museum or to have been invited to lunch at the Italian Embassy in the company of the Ambassador following our “Italian Car Passion” exhibition.Since the onset of this pandemic there have been many changes at the museum. We currently work in teams with reduced hours, and we share out the tasks as required.  Breaking one’s habits requires some soul-searching, but crucial in order to progress in a positive manner. “ 


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