'Exhibitions' or 'Cars in the spotlight: what's the difference?

The exhibitions held by Autoworld in the course of the year are not all of the same order of magnitude. This is why we have decided to use two different names from now on for large and small exhibitions, so that visitors know exactly what to expect when they plan a visit to Autoworld.  

* 'Cars in the Spotlight' means we are giving extra exposure to a small number of vehicles in two temporary exhibition areas on the ground floor of the museum: at the end of the 'Blue Boulevard' (four to six cars) and just behind reception in the entrance hall (another four to six cars).  

* The term 'Exhibition' means that we are bringing together a much larger number of cars (or motorcycles) on the first floor of the museum, in a plain but attractive setting in which the vehicles are the centre of attention.  

* Every two years, we organise a 'major end-of-year exhibition' with very elaborate display designs – such as Italian Car Passion or Ferdinand Porsche.  
If you are uncertain about a particular exhibition, please visit our website to understand which terms we use for each event.


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