Our Friends @ work05/10/2016


In 2016 the ‘Friends of Autoworld’ concept has entered its third year; it has become a hugely successful and inseparable part of what we do here.  

The ‘Friends’ of Autoworld is a group of more than 40 volunteers, fans of old-timers, who come together one Saturday a month to pamper our beautiful cars under the watchful eye of Eddy Demol and Jacques Vanderseypen. But that’s not all...

Recently the Friends started a project to restore a 1956 Simca Aronde. Over lunch Eddy’s Friends attend an info session on certain technical or historical aspects of the car.

Now and again the Friends also lend a hand during certain activities, such as the Love Bugs Parade on 14 February.

They are a valuable and indispensable addition to our museum. So we’d like to take this occasion to thank them!

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