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Jubelpark 11
1000 布鲁塞尔

Following the decisions taken by the government of the Brussels Capital Region, Autoworld is closed for the public until 15.12.2020.
With a view to financially supporting your favorite museum we would kindly suggest that as of now you purchase your tickets online.

If you have bought a voucher or an online tickert for this period, you can use at any other time of your choice, as soon as the museum is back open again.
All tickers are provisionally extended until 31.03.2021


Tel. : +32 2 736.41.65
Fax : +32 2 736.51.36


Public transport

pdf Map here


Henceforth, when you visit the Museum, you will enjoy a splendid clear view of the Arche du Cinquantenaire and its park. This is due to the fact that parking is no longer authorised on the Esplanade (*) in order to preserve the historic and patrimonial aspects of the site.
Perhaps some may recall … it was the case back in 1972 for the Brussels Grand-Place and we appreciate how enjoyable it is to stroll around there now.
Let us venture that it will restore all the Cinquantenaire’s lustre and fully benefit the surrounding museums and the visitors.

But what then … How to get there?

By public transport:

If, despite everything, you decide to come by car, there is often space along the park or in the adjoining streets (with parking ticket machines) and two Parking are available nearby:
Check out their locations on the map

(*) There is an exception for:
  • persons with reduced mobility
  • groups visiting the museum with a coach
  • short deliveries
  • taxis
  • Events whit an approved parking reservation

This people must present themselves at the barrier!
From 1 Feb 2021, works will be carried out on the roof of the museum. As a result, only the North side barrier (via the renaissance avenue) is accessible.


The Brussels-Capital Region is a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). If you’re travelling by car or in a van, check the site to find out if your vehicle is affected.
If your vehicle does not comply with the LEZ access criteria: You can buy a day pass or use one of the many available alternatives to travel in the LEZ.
Vehicles registered abroad must first be registered before travelling in the LEZ. Registration is free.
Thank you for taking part in this regional effort to improve air quality and public health.


成人 12€*
成人团体(15个人以上) 9€*
老年人(65岁以上) 10€*
残障人士、学生 9€*
儿童 6-11岁 5€*
儿童 6岁以下 免票
*Audioguide included

Including the visit off the museum


4月1日-9月30日 10:00 - 18:00
10月1日-3月31日 10:00 - 17:00
周六、周日 10:00 - 18:00

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