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The museum’s housing treasures of the history of the motor car, thanks to Ghislain Mahy’s and his family’s gamble, and the gentle but uncontested force of persuasion of a prince who later became King Albert II. They were helped by the combined support of the ministerial responsibilities of the late vice-president of Autoworld, Minister Louis Olivier, formerly in charge of public works, and President Herman De Croo, communications minister for eight years. Autoworld is a highly-colorful environment adapted for teaching purposes and created to continue evolving on a non-stop basis.

Decades of evolution in technology, comfort, safety and increasing concern with the environment are on display here via superb coaches and countless motorized vehicles. From the earliest models of the distant past to contemporary cars that prefigure the automobile of tomorrow and beyond, the visitor is guided through the fabulous history of the motor car thanks to technical but easily comprehensible commentaries.

Autoworld is a private museum which rents this building from the community. Managed by a great team and a motivated board of directors it is open almost 365 days a year. It is also the theatre of numerous prestigious events not all necessarily linked to the motor car.

Over these last few years, and principally since 2010, the museum has undergone substantial transformations, permanent improvements and the setting-up of new zones such as “Sport & Competition” (2012), “Belgium at Autoworld” (2014) and the repair workshops (2015).

Every two years, a prestigious scenographic exhibition is held on the mezzanine, attracting a large number of visitors, and several times per year temporary exhibitions, always automotive related, create an ever growing public keen to discover something different.

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