Structure of association

Board of Directors

Mr. Herman De Croo President
Mr. Hans Mahy Vice-President
Mr. Eric Tomas Vice-President
Mr. Christian Lelubre Treasurer
Mr Philippe Simonart Managing Director
Mr. Sébastien de Baere General Director


Mr. Jean-Pierre Alvin
Mr. Andreas Cremer
Mme. Bernadette Spinoy
Mr. Jean-Paul Cambier
Mr. Jacques Deneef
Mr. Eric Janssen


Mr. Jan De Paepe
Mr. Michel Mahy
Mr. Jacques Mollet
Mr. Tonny Verhelle
Mr. Frédéric Schilling
Mr. Michel Van den Broeck
Mr. Leo Van Hoorick
Mr. Jean-Pol Jacques
Mr. Stéphane Sertang
Mr Bertrand Vander Haeghen

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