Dear visitors, 
on Wednesday, April 24 the museum will exceptionally be closed for public. 
We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Autoworld is a private museum that highlights the evolution of the automobile through a permanent collection on one hand, and temporary expositions and activities on the other. Founded in 1986, Autoworld was meant to promote the past, present and future of the automobile in all its aspects to a wide audience: from child to senior citizen, from Belgian to Brasilian. That goal remains the same today. 

Autoworld is a private museum that rents its historical buildings (with a surface of 16.000m2) from the community. It is open for the public almost 365 days per year and managed by an experienced team and dedicated Management Board. Autoworld serves as the location for many car related and high quality events, that not only increase the museum's visibility but also financially support its cultural mission. Furthermore, the museum shop and restaurant contribute to the visitor's total experience and the museum's funding.


Autoworld evolved strongly over the past decade (2011-2021), with revenues and visitors tripling. The goal is to continue that trend towards 2030: remain a Top of Mind-museum, with an even wider audience and stronger financial consolidation.


The following values characterize Autoworld's DNA:  

Autoworld wants to react quickly and appropriately to each situation, in all aspects: (crisis) communication, marketing, events, etc.

Each decision is about our client satisfaction. 

Autoworld is a private museum without shareholders and operates independantly. Its working therefore differs from publicly traded organizations and government agencies. 

Sustainable and inclusive:
the only way to grow and ensure a healthy future is by doing so sustainably and by welcoming everyone equally.

Members of the Board of Directors

Board Members

  • Mr. Guy Verhofstadt (Chairman)
  • Mr. Philippe Simonart (Managing Director)
  • Mr. Eric Thomas (Vice-President)
  • Mr. Christian Lelubre (Treasurer)
    Mr. Herman De Croo (Honorary Chairman)
  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Alvin
  • Mr Jean Paul Cambier
  • Mr. Andreas Cremer
  • Mr. Nicolas D'Ieteren
  • Mr. Jacques Deneef
  • Mr. Eric Janssen
  • Mr. Hans Mahy
  • Mr. Michel Mahy
  • Mr. St├ęphane Sertang
  • Mrs. Bernadette Spinoy


  • Mr. Jan De Paepe
  • Mr. Jean-Paul Jacques
  • Mr. Jacques Mollet
  • Mr. Frederic Schilling
  • Mr. Michel Vandenbroeck
  • Mr. Bertrand Van der Haeghen
  • Mr. Leo Van Hoorick
  • Mr. Tony Verhelle

Executive Committee

  • Mr. Sebastien de Baere (General Director)
  • Mr. Emmanuel Andries
  • Mr. Jacques Deneef
  • Mr. Christian Lelubre
  • Mr. Bernard Van Bellingen 
  • Mr. St├ęphane Sertang
  • Mr. Philippe Simonart
  • Mr. Leo Van Hoorick