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VW Love Bugs - The Buzz Edition

Every year in February/Match, Autoworld devotes time to the Volkswagen Beetle.
On this occasion the exhibition will be dedicated to its long-time companion, the Combi.
Just as the ID. Buzz arrives in Belgium the “VW Love Bugs - The Buzz Edition” exhibition will retrace the epic story of 7 generations of the Volkswagen Bus, from the first Combi T1 through to the T7, with, as a bonus, of course, the ID. Buzz electric.

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24H OF LE MANS 100 years of race history

2023 is a special year when it comes to motorsport: the mythical Circuit du Mans is in fact celebrating its 100th anniversary! The Race of the Century is to be held on the coming 10th and 11th June.As a warm-up for the occasion, Autoworld will be presenting its "24 Hours of Le Mans, 100 years of race history" exhibition, being held from 1st April through to 28th May 2023.

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Chevrolet Corvette a legend turns 70

The Corvette (or rather the Chevrolet Corvette) celebrates its 70th anniversary this year! It was in 1953 that the first real American sports car was born. Since then, eight generations of Corvettes have come and gone until the C8 was revealed last year. As a tribute to this symbolic brand of the American dream, the exhibition "CHEVROLET CORVETTE A LEGEND TURNS 70" will take place at Autoworld from 3rd June through to 27th August 2023.

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Mahy, a family of cars. The barnfind collection

Few people remember, but Autoworld was founded at the time to house part of the Mahy collection. This internationally renowned collection, which retraces the incredible Belgian history of the automobile, includes almost a thousand vehicles! Exclusively for Autoworld, about thirty very special cars will come out of the "Mahy Reserve" this summer. Most of them are unique pieces that will be exhibited "dans leur jus".

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Take a virtual tour through the museum

Curious to visit Autoworld? Thanks to our virtual tour you can take a look inside the treasury of the automobile history from behind your computer! Magic isn't it? Well it's even more beautiful in real life!

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