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Can a car be considered art? It all depends on your definition of art. By the Bauhaus streak, it was argued that art can also have a function, rather than just being a work of art in itself. With that in mind, there are enough arguments to consider automobiles as art, more than a means of transportation. Let alone cars being used as a canvas or being the subject of art. From the 6/9 to 15/12, Autoworld recites the car as an art object in 'When Cars Become Art.'

Cars are drawn in the first place. Not just by children and artists, but especially by their designers. Whether it is the imagination of the designer, data in the wind tunnel or a team of engineers behind a computer, cars are ultimately crafted by people. Cars are created from scratch, sometimes with functionality as the main function, but invariably with beauty and evoking emotions in mind. 

The most imaginative cars are also often built by hand; sometimes like sculptures. It makes many cars unique, if only because of the minute differences between two identical models, or improvements made during the production process. Where, especially during the Interwar period, the customer could decide which coachbuilder could provide the chassis with a suitable body.

Not infrequently, an enormous amount of time, attention and care is also put into the details. Just think of the sculpted mascots that were put on the radiator and gave the car even more class, standing and artistry. 

In addition, the colours that cars are put in are an art in themselves. Taking into account dimensions, stylistic lines in the bodywork or simply a blood-red Italian bolide burned into your retina, a car's colours can display a palette of changing shades that no painting can match. 

The interior of a car can be extremely luxurious or minimalist spartan. However, it is the connection between a car and its driver and passengers. Whereby the design on the inside can often evoke as much emotion as the outside. If not more.