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It is synonymous with freedom, joie de vivre, youth, nimbleness, adventure, independence.
In town it weaves in and out allowing one and all to enjoy the pleasures of the open air.

Far more than an object, the Vespa is a true feature!

To this day both young and old still dream about this ever young 75-year-old scooter. In all countries of the world! In Belgium alone more than 5,000 Vespa riders are affiliated to some sixty official clubs! When it comes to the number of members this places Belgium in second place behind Italy and ahead of Germany.

Having made its name thanks to such films as “Roman Holiday” (1953) or “La Dolce Vita” (1960) in which it became its emblem, to this day the Vespa remains a renowned success!
it is rather astounding to note that near on one million Vespa models were sold worldwide following the premier of the film “Roman Holiday” in 1953.

Patented in April 1946, 75 years ago, by Piaggio & C°, this scooter owes its name to its distinctive shape, its slim waist, its curved rear and characteristic insect like sound (Vespa means “wasp” in Italian). It was Enrico Piaggio himself who gave it that nickname when discovering the prototype.

To celebrate that 75th anniversary Autoworld is exhibiting 75 models taking in all eras and models.

With such an anthology, from the most representative through to little known or highly sought-after models by the collectors, this summer exhibition will bring the visitor to the heart of the Italian “Dolce Vita” by retracing the history of the famous scooter.

The exhibition will display machines dating from 1947 through to 2021 based on the theme of Vespas predominantly built in Belgian factories (MISA in Jette), French (at Forchambault), German (with Hoffmann in Lindorf), English (by Douglas in Bristol), Spanish (in Madrid), American and, naturally, in the den of Italian founder Piaggio! 

On display, the very first through to the most recent Vespa models, taking in, among others, the MP6, the highly popular “faro basso”, the first side-cars, the three-wheeled APE and TriVespa light commercial models, a 150 GS ‘Vespone” which for 17 years was the most powerful of the Vespa models, as also a rally version, an CMA Vespa TAP 150cc military version, a “U” model as in “Utility’ (the cheapest of the Vespa scooters at that time and which has become, nowadays, one of the most expensive and most sought after!), but also a 946 fitted with a 125cc engine produced in 2013 in tribute to the first model and the one created this year to celebrate the 75 years of the make ... And obviously keeping abreast of the times, we have e-mobility, with a current electric Vespa also on hand...

Among them some ten particularly old models, discovered in barns will also be on display in the condition they were found.

This exceptional exhibition is all thanks to Mario Catapano’s hard work in mobilising and
convincing numerous collectors to loan us their precious jewels....