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1964. Casius Clay becomes Muhammed Ali. Mary Poppins and Goldfinger play in theaters. Nelson Mandela is forced into exile. The Beatles conquer America.  Martin Luther King receives the Nobel Peace Prize. The Rolling Stones release their first record.  Nicolas Cage, Jeff Bezos, Russel Crow, Lenny Krevitz, Tommi Mäkinen, Keanu Reeves and Eddie Vedder are born. And in Motor City Detroit, the Ford Mustang runs down the assembly line for the first time. The Golden Sixties are in full swing....

Pony Car

Autoworld honors the 1960s by celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. The original "Pony Car" becomes the car of the '60s. The Mustang will be the beginning of Ford’s longest running model, now in its seventh generation. With projected sales of 100,000 models in its first model year, the Ford Mustang does four times better than expected. Creator Lee Iacoca, as vice president of Ford, is heralded as a genius. After two years, the millionth Mustang leaves the assembly line in the Dearborn plant. Detroit is running at full speed. 

60's Icon

The Ford Mustang becomes an icon. Wilson Picket sings "Mustang Sally. Tilly Materton plots an attack on Goldfinger in her Mustang, which James Bond narrowly avoids. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas record the vidoeclip of 'Nowhere To Run' along the Mustang's assembly line. Caroll Shelby takes on the illustrious GT350 and turns the Mustang into a successful race car. Car rental firm Hertz will rent Shelby GT350s to aspiring racers every weekend, the so-called "Rent-a-Racer" program. And Steve McQueen uses a Mustang GT390 in the mythical chase in "Bullit," long before "Gone in 60 Seconds" will make the Mustang even more immortal. 

Not even 'Gone in 60 Years.'

The Mustang is not even 'Gone in 60 Years,' because 60 years later, the Mustang in its seventh generation is still 'going strong.' Autoworld celebrates 60 years of Ford Mustang with an ode to the '60s.

Did you know...

...the Ford Mustang was named after the North American Aviation P51 Mustang, the mythical fighter plane that helped win the Second World War for the Alies.