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The end of year is rapidly creeping up on us.A time that favours dreams …Once again Autoworld has decided to take their visitors into a real life dreamworld.

Gleaming cars, stunning coachwork, out of the ordinary design, odometers exceeding all norms … a new selection of Supercars will be on display in Autoworld’s majestic setting for its major end-of-year exhibition.

They will be superbly revealed in a particularly graphic, sober and completely original setting that will not fail to surprise.

Following on from the major annual end-of-year exhibitions, ”Supercars 2 - Road vs Race Edition” illustrates one of the great chapters of automotive history. Private collectors and international museums have kindly lent some of their jewels to make this exhibition possible, featuring out of the ordinary vehicles never before exhibited together in a single unique location.

                                             ROAD VS RACE EDITION

After last year’s enormous success of the first edition of the 'Supercar Story' exhibition (in excess of 65,000 visitors), “Supercars 2” promises to be even more breathtaking.

A wonderful mixture of historic and modern cars, as well as homologated road-going machines and their racing derivative await the visitors.

Near on forty exceptional vehicles!

Among others …

* historic Supercars...

*A selection of sporty saloon cars dating from the ‘80s, such as the Lancia Ferrari, Audi RS2, Mercedes AMG and BMW…

* Prototypes such as the e-SLS de Mercedes, or (subject to) the R5 Turbo e-3

* but also, racing cars and their road-going counterpart

In fact, there were many such cars, all profiting from a special homologation.Thanks to the strict competition regulations, some four-wheeled wonders are sometimes spotted on the public highway as specially homologated cars for the road. There are numerous examples. For example, among others, the BMW M1 in its Procar and road-going version, the Porsche 918 RSR Spider and the 918 road-version, the Lamborghini Supertrofeo and its road derivative, etc.

Not to be outdone the true racing machines with their impressive track record will also be on hand: here one will discover the Mercedes AMG GT3 (subject to) that this summer claimed victory at the 24 Hours, together with its road-going version.

                             INDISCRETIONS AS FROM 28th NOVEMBER …

For those who cannot wait for the exhibition to open, certain cars, delivered in advance, will allow the more curious the opportunity to spot them as from 28th November. Will you discover them?.

                1st Nocturnal event – Friday 9th December until 22.00hrs

On the first day of the opening to the general public, a first nocturnal event will be organised, dedicated to influencers but open to all, with the launch of the Autoworld Insta photo contest.afterwork” atmosphere… DJ entertainment and Champagne Bar …An opportunity to visit the museum and the exhibition under a magic lighting!A second nocturnal event will also be organised at the end of the Christmas festivities.