Think you have seen them all before?
We are going to prove you wrong!
Our major end of year exhibition, - "Supercars 2" – far from being a remake of last year’s exhibition, will present you with more than 50 new cars, all quite exceptional!
Expect to be surprised and above all to discover a fabulous mix of historic and modern cars, as well as road-going cars and their racing derivatives.
Among them, some rarities...
Thanks to a few private collectors and international museums who have loaned us their precious jewels, this exhibition brings together out of the ordinary vehicles that have never been exhibited together in a unique location and in such a graphic and original setting that guarantees to surprise one and all!

Two Nocturnals are on the programme – on 9th December and 2nd January, as well as a photo competition and an Instagram corner with some great prizes.
On the entertainment front: you would probably long to try your hand on one of the two simulators located at the edge of the exhibition.

So, what are you waiting for to pay us a visit!

                           MORE THAN 50 EXCEPTIONAL VEHICLES
After the enormous success of last year’s first edition of the 'Supercar Story' exhibition

(more than 65,000 visitors), “Supercars 2” is even more breathtaking.

In the museum’s different zones you will not only come across historic supercars, but also a fine selection of super sporty saloons dating from the ‘80s, Prototypes, racing cars and their road-going counterparts. In fact, there were numerous cars that benefitted from a special homologation.

Thanks to the strict regulations drawn up for competition, several four-wheel wonders are at times spotted on the public highway as cars specially homologated for the road. There are numerous examples. As such, among others, the BMW M1 in its Procar and its road version, or the Lamborghini Supertrofeo and its road version, and so forth.

There is also a plateau paying tribute to Ferrari for its 75th anniversary and another to the Super Sedans. Who can still recall the first version of the Audi RS2 or the Lancia Thema Ferrari 8.32?

As for the true racing machines with their impressive track record, they will definitely be on hand.

                                                   A FEW RARITIES!

Who among you have never dreamt of getting close to a Mercedes C111? The Prototype that was intended to be the Gullwing’s successor but was never produced? This car has been loaned to us by the Stuttgart Mercedes Museum.
Or to admire, side by side, the racing Porsche 935 Baby dating from the ‘70s (driven by Jacky Ickx) and its sister, the 935-2019 built on the same base five decades later? These also come straight from Stuttgart, the Porsche Museum.

And what about the de Tomaso Deauville and Citroën SM Opera?
Looking for more recent ones? Don’t miss the Touring Superleggera Aero 3 from 2020, the Aston Martin Speedster and the Kimera Evo 037.

Thanks to private collectors and our partners, we will make you dream in front of (almost) all the current or disappeared makes of Supercars: German (Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche), American (Chevrolet, Ford), English (Aston Martin, Bentley, TVR), French (Citroën), Italian (Dallara, de Tomaso, Ferrari, Kimera, Lamborghini, Maserati, Touring Superleggera), Japanese (Nissan)

It is a long list and we do not want to reveal all our surprises here.

Come to see for yourselves!

I.                                 A THREE-DIMENTIONAL SETTING

For the first time, the exhibition’s setting takes in the entire space on the mezzanine, from floor to ceiling, offering up a beautiful impression of volume.
The cars are set-up on five coloured fabric strips, similar to parallel roads, rising at irregular intervals, on different heights, culminating at a height of nine metres. It is signed Pierre Vesters.

                             YOUR BUSINESS DRINK DURING SUPERCARS 2

How about ending the year in style with your colleagues over a glass of bubbles at Autoworld and take advantage of the Supercars 2 magical setting with our Road or Race formula. We offer you a guided tour, a mini reception in the heart of the exhibition, champagne with or without tasty zakuskis.