Dear visitors, 
on Wednesday, April 24 the museum will exceptionally be closed for public. 
We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Every year in February/Match, Autoworld devotes time to the Volkswagen Beetle.
On this occasion the exhibition will be dedicated to its long-time companion, the Combi.
Just as the ID. Buzz arrives in Belgium the “VW Love Bugs - The Buzz Edition” exhibition will retrace the epic story of 7 generations of the Volkswagen Bus, from the first Combi T1 through to the T7, with, as a bonus, of course, the ID. Buzz electric.

Several passionate owners have kindly loaned us their vehicles that will be prominently displayed at Autoworld during two months. Each vehicle will be put in the spotlight with its owner, thanks to a video in which the latter will recount its history, its stories and its collection of anecdotes.

Acquiring a Transporter is never a trivial matter, whether it is used as a work tool or to set off to discover new horizons. It has accompanied so many generations, so many journeys, at times both long and far. Far more than just vehicles, these Volkswagen Combi are above all “at home’ on trips, faithful road-going companions …  They are fitted out, and decorated … in a nutshell, similar to the Beetle, they are pampered like true family members.

It all started back in 1947, with a pencil drawn sketch: the Dutch importer, Ben Pon, spotted a simple flat-bed vehicle at the Volkswagen factory, the ‘Plattenwagen’. From this basic idea on a sheet of paper in his diary he drew the major outlines of a “transporter” fitted with the genetic heritage of the Beetle. Production kicked off in the month of March 1948. It was to be the beginning of a true on-going success story.

The exhibition at Autoworld will not only pay tribute to the entire generation of the Volkswagen Bus but – being the month of the Love Bugs Parade – an area of the museum will be dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the signing of the import contract of the Volkswagen make for Belgium, and the introduction of its little sister, the Beetle, in Belgium by D’Ieteren.
The Love Bugs Parade, to be held on Sunday 12th February 2023, will have this anniversary as its central theme.