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This is surely the most related to Autoworld exhibition there is. The museum opened its doors back in 1986, specifically to house some of the Mahy family’s vehicles.

This collection, begun just after the Second World War by Ghislain Mahy, represents atrue Belgian automotive heritage, with more than 1,000 pieces! Some are exhibited in museums, of which 150 of these are in Autoworld’s permanent collection, while others are part of the “Reserve” and only rarely revealed …

27 cars will be displayed “in their original state’” at Autoworld this summer.
In a minimalist setting, with the odd hint of dust and smell of rust, these “barn finds”, will in all intimacy recall their story.

Some belonged to heads of state, such as King Baudouin’ Aston Martin DB2; others are jewels from another era, such as the Ghia Aigle’s Delahaye 135 MS, commissioned by the Shah of Iran. Each of these beauties clearly has a story to tell!

The exhibition “Mahy, a family of cars. The “Barnfind Collection” is a collaboration between the Mahymobiles and Autoworld. It can be viewed at Autoworld, from 7th July through to 3rd September 2023.

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Picture credits : Wouter Rawoens