Dear visitors, 
on Wednesday, April 24 the museum will exceptionally be closed for public. 
We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Since 2009, every year (except 2021), the VW Love Bugs Parade has brought together a motley collection of Volkswagen Beetle and Beetle fans for a short ride on beautiful roads in Brabant, departing from the Autoworld museum. 2024 is no exception. 

But exceptionally this year, the caravan is led by a VW Porsche. Strange? Not really, and connoisseurs will definitely have an inkling why ...

On the one hand, Professor Ferdinand Porsche created the first Volkswagen, the Beetle, in 1937. And on the other hand, his son Ferry built the first Porsche sports car, the roadster 356. Before that, he had started from a Beetle, which he fitted with a completely different bodywork and a completely new engine.As part of the "Porsche - Driven by Dreams" exhibition, still running at Autoworld until the end of February, this year's Love Bugs Parade has chosen the aptly named 'Driven by Love'.

It goes without saying that the VW Love Bugs Parade, named after the 1968 film The Love Bug, has become an annual nod to Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers.And the people in love with their Beetle descend en masse every year from all corners of Belgium, as well as the Netherlands, France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, to Brussels - weather or not - to take part in this extremely cosy, warm (AND free) event, which reflects the emotions their little car arouses.c.

From 10 a.m., the meeting starts on the esplanade of Parc du Cinquantenaire. 
At the Autoworld reception, registered owners (*) will receive their rally plate, their road book and their entry ticket to the museum and the temporary exhibition " Porsche - Driven by Dreams ".

The start will be given at 2pm, after which some 300 Beetles, Beetles and VW vans will be let loose towards the Merode roundabout and Tervurenlaan to follow the route described in the roadbook amid a cheerful concert of honking and cheering. Arrival is scheduled from 3.30pm, after which all participants are invited to catch up over snacks and drinks at the museum.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to register for participation in the VW Love Bugs Parade 2024. All places have already been taken.Everyone is, of course, welcome to witness the Beetle spectacle and, of course, to visit the 'Porsche - Driven By Dreams' as well."

Everyone will be welcomed on the esplanade of the Cinquantenaire Park to come and admire the cars and taste the extraordinary atmosphere before the start. Once the cars are back, a visit to Autoworld is an absolute must! Around 250 historic vehicles and a breathtaking temporary exhibition await visitors, to the delight of young and old alike.