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Sport & Competition

Our Sport & Competition zone welcomes you into the world of race circuits and automobile sport, where the motors of single-seaters, F1's, GT's and rally cars compete to capture your attention! Over 20 competition vehicles are presented in an original and dynamic mise en scène (with a raised bend, departure schedule, old paddocks and zone dedicated to Michel Vaillant), completed with old photogaphs , movies and information screens.
This zone is a dynamic one, which means you will often get to see newly exhibited vehicles. This allows the owners who lent their cars to Autoworld to continue to participate in rally's, competitions and historical races.  

Salon 1910

Did you know that...
° The exceptional building where Autoworld has been located for over 30 years was the site of the first car and bike fairs from 1902 to 1934? The halls of the car and aviation museums were connected at the time.   
° Cars were ordered and made to measure, just like high fashion? Future owners purchased the chassis from an automotive brand and subsequently the body was made to measure.
You can discover all of the above and much more at Salon 1919, a zone of no less than 1000m2. The educational showroom has a multitude of magnified photographs, old videos and about 30 original cars that were sold at the Salons at the beginning of the 20th century.


At the back of the museum visitors set foot in the USA zone. In a decor that brings you right back to the fifties to seventies, American dream cars & bikes steal the show . 
The 1960s are known as the protest years: for the first time there is a youth culture that rebels against society and parental authority. It's the decade of flower power, hippies, happenings and beat music. The values ​​of liberation, democratization, resistance and development are also translated in the vehicles.


Autoworld regularly organizes open workshops around specific themes. To ensure the authenticity and quality of those workshops, two car studios were built in the museum. One studio is a recreation of Ghislain Mahy's  atelier; the other is a modern atelier with a fully functioning bridge and all the materials used in garage shops nowadays. Above the studios you will see clearly displayed micro-cars and popular models.

Belgium @ Autoworld

The zone Belgium at Autoworld is dedicated to Belgium's automobile heritage and its many vehicles in the museum collection. About 20 exhibited vehicles and extensive iconography guide you through our history and knowhow, highlighting its engineers, industrials, craftsmen, designers, racers, circuits, etc. In short, you will discover everything that makes Belgium an exceptional country in de yesterday's and today's automobile scene.

Cartoon zone - Michel Vaillant

The Cartoon Zone creates a world where reality meets comic books, with Michel Vaillant (by French cartoonists Jean & Philippe Graton) as its protagonist. The zone was designed as a paddock where visitors from all generations can take a seat and be photographed in a F1 Vaillant racing car. Countless photographs and graphical reproductions from Jean & Philippe Graton's comic books show you the history of the Vaillant oeuvre and the racing competition. 

Collection Thiry

Marcel Thiry (1930-2017) meant for motorcycles what Ghislain Mahy meant for cars. As a mechanic from Habay (in the province of Luxembourg), Marcel Thiry collected the wrecks of motorcycles and restored them with a lot of patience and dedication. Autoworld has recreated an atelier from the Belle Epoque period where some of the finest vehicles from Thiry's collection are displayed. You will also find other Belgian and foreign motorcycles elsewhere in the museum.


We tend to forget that the carriage was the precursor of our modern car, and thus has a rich history. Usually coachbuilders took a rolling chassis as base, on which they then built the body chosen by the client. The result? A "horseless carriage".In 1991 Autoworld created an exhibit dedicated to coaches, with vehicles that belong to the collections of the Royal Museum of History & Art. The showpiece was the "Galakoets", the state coach used by Napoleon III for his wedding to Eugenie de Montigeot.

Media Room

Our Media Room is the ideal place to take a seat, relax and enjoy a movie about Autoworld's history and exhibitions. Besides highlighting the history of the automobile and Autoworld, short videos about exhibition related themes are also shown and thus the offer changes regularly. With its huge screen and seating area for up to 30 people, the Media Room offers a true film experience in four languages (English, Dutch, French and Spanish). 

Tintin and its motorcars

The start of 2022 sees the creation of a brand new permanent section devoted to the motorcars from the unforgettable Belgian comic strip, The Adventures of Tintin.
The aura of the young reporter created by Hergé will attract a new public, both Belgian and international, to the museum, intrigued to discover the links between The adventures of Tintin and the motorcar.
The comic strip books of the renowned series created by Hergé are teeming with splendid vehicles. Overall, there are no less than 79 models featured in the 24 adventures.